What You Can Cannot Do with Live View

You may not have considered just what you can do with Live View, because the capability is so novel. But once you've played with it, you'll discover dozens of applications for this capability, as well as a few things that you can't do. Here's a list of Live View Do's/Don'ts/Cans/Can'ts.

■ Shoot stills and movies. You can take still pictures or movies using Live View.

■ Preview your images on a TV Connect your Rebel T2i to a television using the video cable or HDMI cable, and you can preview your image on a large television or HDTV screen.

■ Preview remotely. Extend the cable between the camera and TV screen, and you can preview your images some distance away from the camera. That can only be done with Live View.

■ Shoot from your computer. Canon gives you the software you need to control your camera from your computer, so you can preview images and take pictures without physically touching the Rebel T2i. Before Live View, you couldn't see what the camera saw before you took the picture.

■ Continuous shooting. You can shoot bursts of images using Live View, but all shots will use the focus and exposure setting established for the first picture in the series.

■ Shoot from tripod or hand-held. Of course, holding the camera out at arm's length to preview an image is poor technique, and will introduce a lot of camera shake. If you want to use Live View for hand-held images, use an image-stabilized lens and/or a high shutter speed. A tripod is a better choice if you can use one.

■ Watch your power. Live View uses a lot of juice and will deplete your battery rapidly. Canon estimates that you can get 150 to 200 shots per battery when using Live View, depending on the temperature and flash use. The optional AC adapter is a useful accessory.

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