Bulb Exposures

In step 2 on the preceding page, turn the <6> dial to the left to set <BULB>. A bulb exposure keeps the shutter open for as long as you hold down the shutter button. It can be used to photograph fireworks, etc. The elapsed exposure time will be displayed on the LCD monitor.

• Since bulb exposures produce more noise than usual, the image might look a little grainy.

• You can reduce this noise by setting the [7 Custom Functions (C.Fn)] menu's [Long exp. noise reduction] to [1: Auto] or [2: On] (p.193).

• For bulb exposures, using a tripod and Remote Switch (p.204, 205) is recommended.

• You can also use a remote controller (sold separately, p.204) for bulb exposures. When you press the remote controller's transmit button, the bulb exposure will start immediately or 2 sec. later. Press the button again to stop the bulb exposure.

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    How to set BULB canon 550d?
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    Is there bulb on the canon rebel t2i?
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