Imn Registering My Menu

Under the My Menu tab, you can register up to six menu options and Custom Functions whose settings you change frequently.

Select [My Menu settings].

• Under the [9] tab, select [My Menu settings], then press <©>.

Select [Register to My Menu].

• Select [Register to My Menu], then press <©>.

Register the desired items.

• Select the item to be registered, then press <©>.

• On the confirmation dialog, select [OK] and press <©> to register the item.

• You can register up to six items in My Menu.

• To return to the screen in step 2, press the <MENU> button.

About My Menu settings

You can change the order of the registered items in My Menu. Select [Sort] and select the item whose order you want to change. Then press <©>. With [Z] displayed, press the <V > key to change the order, then press <©>.

• Delete item/items and Delete all items

You can delete any of the registered items. [Delete item/items] deletes one item at a time, and [Delete all items] deletes all items.

• Display from My Menu

When [Enable] is set, the [9] tab will be displayed first when you display the menu screen.

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