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The built-in flash and external Speedlite settings can be set with the menu. The [External flash ***] menu options for external Speedlites are applicable only to an attached EX-series Speedlite compatible with the respective functions.

The setting procedure is the same as setting a camera menu function.

Quality JL

Beep Enable

Release shutter without card Image review 2 sec. Peripheral illumin, correct. Red-eye reduc. Disable Flash control

Select [Flash control].

• Under the [1] tab, select [Flash control], then press <©>. The flash control screen will appear.

[Flash firing]

! Rash firing__Enable

Built-in flash func. setting External flash func. setting External flash C.Fn setting

Normally, set this to [Enable]. If [Disable] is set, both the built-in flash and external Speedlite will not fire. This is useful when you only want to use the flash's AF-assist beam.

[Built-in flash func. setting] and [External flash func. setting]

The [Built-in flash func. setting] and [External flash func. setting]

menus can set the functions listed on the next page. The functions displayed under [External flash func. setting] will vary depending on the Speedlite model.

• Select [Built-in flash func. setting] or [External flash func. setting].

The flash functions will be displayed. The functions not dimmed can be selected and set.

Built-in flash func. setting

Flash mode


Shutter syne.

1st curtain

Flash exp. comp


E-TTL11 meter.


[Built-in flash func. setting] and [External flash func. setting] Settable Functions


[Built-in flash func. setting]

[External flash func. setting]


Flash mode

E-TTL II (Fixed)



Shutter sync.




- 1 O


Flash exposure compensation










Wireless setting*




* Regarding [FEB] (Flash exposure bracketing), [Zoom], and [Wireless set.], refer to the Speedlite's instruction manual.

* Regarding [FEB] (Flash exposure bracketing), [Zoom], and [Wireless set.], refer to the Speedlite's instruction manual.

With an external Speedlite, you can select the flash mode to suit your flash shooting.

• [E-TTL II] is the standard mode of EX-series Speedlites for automatic flash shooting.

• [Manual flash] enables you to set the flash output yourself. This is for advanced users.

• For other flash modes, refer to your Speedlite's instruction manual.

External flash func, setting Flash mode * E-TTL II

Manual flash MULT) flash TIL

AutoExtFfash Man.ExtFlash

1 Clear flash settings

Shutter sync.

Normally, set this to [1st curtain] so that the flash fires immediately after the exposure starts.

If [2nd curtain] is set, the flash will fire right before the exposure ends. When this is combined with a slow sync speed, you can create a trail of light such as from car headlights at night. With 2nd curtain sync, two flashes will be fired: Once when you press the shutter button completely, and once immediately before the exposure ends. However, with shutter speeds faster than 1/30 sec., 1st curtain sync will automatically take effect.

If an external Speedlite is attached, you can also set [Hi-speed]. For details, see the Speedlite's instruction manual.

• Flash exposure compensation

See "y Flash Exposure Compensation" on page 88.

For normal flash exposures, set it to [Evaluative]. If [Average] is set, the flash exposure will be averaged for the entire metered scene as with an external metering flash. Since flash exposure compensation may be necessary depending on the scene, this setting is for advanced users.

• Clear flash settings

On the [External flash func. setting] screen, press the <DISP.> button to display the screen to clear the flash settings. When you select [OK], the settings for the built-in flash and external Speedlite will be cleared.

Setting the External Speedlite Custom Functions

Display the Custom Function. • Select [External flash C.Fn setting], then press <©>.

Set the Custom Function.

<©>. The procedure is the same as setting the camera's Custom Functions (p.190).

• To clear all the Custom Function settings, select [Clear ext. flash C.Fn set.] in step 1.

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