Setting Your Focus To A Single Point

AF point selection

1. Press the Focus Point Selection button (at the top right on the back of the camera) and then look in your viewfinder.

2. Rotate the Main dial, and watch the illuminated points change on the rear LCD (or in the viewfinder) as you move the dial. Select any single point from among the nine available points. If all of the points are lit up, that means you are in automatic focus point selection mode. Keep going until you have just the one point you want selected.

AF point selection

Canon Manual Point 550d

Now, to shoot using this focus point, place that point on your subject's eye, and press the shutter button halfway until the focus point flashes and you hear the chirp. While still holding the shutter button down halfway, recompose and take your shot.

I typically use the center point for focus selection. I find it easier to place that point directly on the location where my critical focus should be established and then recompose the shot. Even though the single point can be selected from any of the focus points, it typically takes longer to figure out where that point should be in relation to my subject. By using the center point, I can quickly establish focus and get on with my shooting.

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