Turn Off The Release Shutter Without Card Setting

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If you really want to ruin your day, try shooting for a couple of hours only to find that you didn't put a memory card in your camera and thus didn't save any of the pictures that you've taken. This was always a concern with film shooters, and it hasn't gone away with digital SLRs. You see, camera manufacturers want to give prospective buyers a way to test out the camera without having to keep a memory card in it, so they came up with a setting called Release Shutter without Card. When your camera is set up in this mode, it will act and shoot just as it would when you have a memory card inserted. It will even display your shot on the rear LCD display. Unfortunately, this is where most photographers get fooled into thinking they are saving their images. If they were to look at the LCD, they would see that Canon was nice enough to overlay a message on the display that clearly says No Card. This is nice, but if you are shooting without looking at the display, you could be easily fooled.

Unfortunately, there is no visual clue within the viewfinder to alert you to this No Card status. So here is the simple solution.

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    What is release shutter without card?
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