Changing the white balance setting

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To switch from automatic to manual white balancing, follow these steps:

1. Set the camera Mode dial to P, Tv, Av, M, or A-DEP.

You can tweak white balance only in these advanced exposure modes.

2. Press the WB button.

You see the White Balance screen, shown on the left in Figure 6-18.

White Balance symbol

Canon White Balance Symbols

Figure 6-18: Press the WB button to access white balance options.

1/500 F9.0

Figure 6-18: Press the WB button to access white balance options.

3. Press the right or left cross key to highlight the setting you want to use.

As you scroll through the list of options, the name of the selected setting appears on the screen. For some settings, the camera also displays the approximate Kelvin temperature of the selected light source, as shown in the figure. (Refer to Figure 6-16 for a look at the Kelvin scale.)

If the scene is lit by several sources, choose the setting that corresponds to the strongest one. The Tungsten Light setting is usually best for regular incandescent household bulbs, by the way. And with the Custom option, you can define your own white balance setting; see the next section for details.

4. Press Set to lock in your choice.

You can confirm the current White Balance setting by displaying the Shooting Settings screen. The symbol representing the setting appears in the position labeled in the right image in Figure 6-18. (You also can display the symbol during Live View shooting; see Chapter 4 to find out how.) Table 6-1 offers a reminder of what setting each symbol represents.

Your selected white balance setting remains in force for the P, Tv, Av, M, and A-DEP exposure modes until you change it again. So you may want to get in the habit of resetting the option to AWB (automatic white balance) after you finish shooting whatever subject it was that caused you to switch to manual white balance mode.

Table 6-1

White Balance Settings











White Fluorescent

'1 iw


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