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^ If your memory card contains scads of images, here's a trick you'll love: By using the Jump feature, you can rotate the Main dial to leapfrog through pic-l|0|| tures instead of pressing the right or left cross key a bazillion times to get to the picture you want to see. You also can search for the first image shot on a specific date.

This feature works like so:

1. Press the Playback button to put the camera into Playback mode.

2. Press the up cross key.

The jump bar appears at the bottom of the monitor, as shown in Figure 4-3.

3. Select a Jump mode by pressing the up or down cross key.

The current Jump mode appears on the jump bar. You have four Jump mode options:

• Jump 10 Images: Select this option to advance 10 images at a time.

• Jump 100 Images: Select this option to advance 100 images at a time.

• Jump Shot Date: If your card contains images shot on different dates, you can jump between dates with this option. For example, if you're looking at the first of 30 pictures taken on June 1, you can jump past all the others from that day to the first image taken on, say, June 5.

• Jump 1 Image: This option, in effect, disables jumping, restricting you to browsing pictures one at a time. More about the point of this option later.

4. Rotate the Main dial to browse images using the selected Jump mode.

How many images you advance with each turn of the dial depends upon the Jump mode you selected.

5. To exit Jump mode, press the right or left cross key.

Now you're back to regular Playback mode, in which each press of the right or left cross key advances through your pictures one at a time. You can return to your selected Jump mode by simply rotating the Main dial at any time.

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Figure 4-3: The current Jump mode appears on the jump bar.

So what's the point of the Jump 1 Image option, if you can return to one-by-one playback just by pressing the right or left cross key? It's simply provided in case you prefer to use the Main dial to browse your images instead of the cross keys. When you select the option, the Jump bar disappears, and then you can use either the Main dial or the cross keys to navigate your pictures.

¿tjABEft You can jump through images only in regular, full-screen Playback mode. The Main dial performs a different function in index display mode, in which you can view four or nine image thumbnails at a time. The next section explains this viewing mode.

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