Fast Track to Super Snaps

Part I contains four chapters that help you get up and running with your Rebel XS/1000D:

✓ Chapter 1, "Getting the Lay of the Land," offers a tour of the external controls on your camera, shows you how to navigate camera menus to access internal options, and walks you through initial camera setup and customization steps.

✓ Chapter 2, "Taking Great Pictures, Automatically," shows you how to get the best results when using the camera's fully automatic exposure modes, including Portrait, Sports, and Landscape modes.

✓ Chapter 3, "Controlling Picture Quality," introduces you to one setting that's critical whether you shoot in automatic or manual mode: the Quality setting, which affects resolution (pixel count), file format, file size, and picture quality.

✓ Chapter 4, "Monitor Matters: Picture Playback and Live View Shooting," explains how to review your pictures on the camera monitor, delete unwanted images, and protect your favorites from accidental erasure. In addition, this chapter introduces you to Live View shooting, in which you can use your monitor as a viewfinder.

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