Viewing Images in Playback Mode

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To switch your camera to Playback mode and view the images currently on your memory card, take these steps:


1. Press the Playback button, labeled in Figure 4-2 and shown in the margin here.

The monitor displays the last picture you took along with some shooting data.

To find out how to interpret the picture data and specify what data you want to see, see the upcoming section "Viewing Picture Data." If you're curious about your options now, though, press the DISP button to cycle through the available data-display formats. (Figure 4-2 shows the image in the mode that displays the least amount of shooting data.)

Playback button Figure 4-2: Press the Playback button to inspect your photos.

2. Press the right or left cross key to scroll through your pictures.

• Press the right cross key to view images starting with the oldest one on the card.

• Press the left cross key to view images in reverse order, starting with the most current picture.

Just keep pressing either key to browse through all of your images.

3. To return to picture-taking mode, press the Playback button or press the shutter button halfway.

The camera exits Playback mode, and the Shooting Settings display appears on the monitor. Chapter 1 introduces you to that display.

These steps assume that the camera is currently set to display a single photo at a time, as shown in Figure 4-2. You can also display multiple images at a time and jump through images 10 or 100 at a time; the next two sections tell all.

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Digital Cameras For Beginners

Digital Cameras For Beginners

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