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Instead of recording images on film, digital cameras store pictures on memory cards. Your Rebel XS/1000D uses a specific type of memory card called an SD card (for Secure Digital), shown in Figures 1-5 and 1-6. Other card types — CompactFlash, Memory Stick, or any others — aren't compatible with your camera. However, if you use SD cards in your cell phone, portable music player, or other device, you can use the same cards in your camera. Also, your camera can use the new, high-capacity SD cards, which carry the label SDHC, as well as plain-old SD cards.

Safeguarding your memory cards — and the images you store on them — requires just a few precautions:

✓ Inserting a card: First, be sure that the camera is turned off. Then put the card in the card slot with the label facing the back of the camera, as shown in Figure 1-5. Push the card into the slot until it clicks into place.

✓ Formatting a card: The first time you use a new memory card, take a few seconds to format it by choosing the Format option on Setup Menu 1. This step ensures that the card is properly prepared to record your pictures. See the upcoming section "Setup Menu 1" for details.

✓ Removing a card: First, check the status of the memory card access light, labeled in Figure 1-5. After making sure that the light is off, indicating that the camera has finished recording your most recent photo, turn the camera off. Open the memory card door, as shown in Figure 1-5. Depress the memory card slightly until you hear a little click and then let go. The card should pop halfway out of the slot, enabling you to grab it by the tail and remove it.

✓ Handling cards: Don't touch the gold contacts on the back of the card. (See the left card in Figure 1-6.) When cards aren't in use, store them in the protective cases they came in or in a memory card wallet. Keep cards away from extreme heat and cold as well.

Canon 1000d Insert Memory Card

Memory card access light

Figure 1-5: Insert the card with the label facing the camera back.

Memory card access light

Figure 1-5: Insert the card with the label facing the camera back.

Paws off! Lock switch

Paws off! Lock switch

Figure 1-6: Avoid touching the gold contacts on the card.

✓ Locking cards: The tiny switch on the left side of the card, labeled lock switch in Figure 1-6, enables you to lock your card, which prevents any data from being erased or recorded to the card. Press the switch toward the bottom of the card to lock the card contents; press it toward the top of the card to unlock the data.

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