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This function enables you to save a bit of battery power by choosing whether or not the shooting information is displayed on the LCD when you turn on the Rebel XSi/450D. Sounds simple enough, but Option 1 isn't quite as straightforward as it seems. Here are the options and a description of each one:

♦ 0: Display. This is the default setting where the XSi/450D displays shooting information on the LCD when you turn on the camera. To turn off the display, you must press the Disp. button on the back of the camera.

♦ 1: Retain power OFF status. With this option, the shooting information is not displayed on the LCD when you turn on the camera only if you pressed the Disp. button to turn off the LCD display the last time you used the camera. To display shooting information, press the Disp. button. Now, you might assume that setting this option and turning off the display before shutting down the camera would be sufficient, but such is not the case. If you had the shooting information displayed on the LCD the last time the camera was turned off, the shooting information is displayed when you power up the camera. So to keep the display from turning on, you have to remember to turn off the display by pressing the Disp. button before powering down the camera every time you use the camera. Annoying, but true.

It's tempting to choose Option 1 simply to save battery power. But if you keep the display off, then you have to manually turn on the display by pressing the Disp. button before you can display the ISO settings screen or set exposure compensation by pressing the ISO and Aperture/Exposure compensation buttons on the camera.

For the sake of convenience and to avoid having to press the Disp. button before using the ISO and Av buttons, I recommend using Option 0: Display.

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    How to turn off lcd on canon 450d?
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