Choosing the file format and quality

The file format and quality level that you use to take your pictures are two of the most important decisions that you make. These settings determine not only the number of images that you can store on the media card, but also the sizes at which you can later enlarge and print images from the Rebel XSi/450D. Table 1.1 explains the options that you can choose from.

With the high-quality images that the XSi/450D delivers, you can make beautiful enlargements from these images. Even if you don't foresee printing images any larger than 4 x 5 inches, you may get a once-in-a-lifetime shot and want to print it as large as possible. For this reason, and to take advantage of the XSi/450D's fine image detail and high resolution, it pays to shoot at the highest quality setting for all your shooting.

The JPEG quality options on the XSi/450D are shown with two icons that indicate the compression level of the files and the recording size. A solid quarter circle icon indicates a low compression level. A jagged quarter circle icon indicates a higher compression level. High compression levels reduce the file size more than low compression levels so that you can store more images on the SD/SDHC card. File formats and compression are discussed next.

Table 1.1

Rebel XSi/450D File Quality and Size

Image Quality

Approximate File Sizes in Megabytes (MB)

Image Size in Pixels

L (Large) JPEG (Solid quarter circle icon)


4272 x 2848

L (Large) JPEG (Jagged quarter circle icon)


4272 x 2848

M (Medium) JPEG (Solid quarter circle icon)


3088 x 2056

M (Medium) JPEG (Jagged quarter circle icon)


3088 x 2056

S (Small) JPEG (Solid quarter circle icon)


2256 x 1504

S (Small) JPEG (Jagged quarter circle icon)


2256 x 1504



4272 x 2848

RAW + L (Large) (Solid quarter circle icon)

15.3 + 4.3 = 19.6MB

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