Setting a custom white balance

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Setting a custom white balance is an option that produces very accurate color because the white balance is set precisely for the light in the scene. To use this option, you photograph a white or gray card, select the image in the camera, and then the camera imports the color data and uses it to set the color temperature for images. This approach is effective when you're shooting a series of shots in scenes where the light doesn't change.

3.8 This image was taken using the Flash White Balance setting.

3.9 This image was taken using the Automatic White Balance (AEB) setting.

But if the light changes, you have to repeat the process to set a new custom white balance or switch to a preset white balance. Certainly for JPEG capture, this is an accurate technique that I highly recommend. For RAW capture, this and other techniques work well.

/Note Cray cards are specifically designed to render accurate color by providing a neutral white balance reference point that is later used during image editing to color balance images.

Whatever your approach to white balance options, the time you spend using them and understanding how they can enhance your images is time that you'll save color-correcting images on the computer.

To change to a preset white balance option such as Daylight, Tungsten, Shade, and so on, follow these steps:

1. Set the Mode dial to a Creative Zone mode (P, Av, Tv, M, or A-DEP). In the automatic Basic Zone modes such as Full Auto, Portrait, and so on, the XSi/450D automatically sets the white balance, and you cannot change it.

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