Singleimage playback

Single-image playback is the default playback mode, and it briefly displays the image on the LCD after you take the picture. Canon sets the initial display time to 2 seconds, hardly enough time to move the camera from your eye and to see the image preview. The display time is intentionally set to 2 seconds to maximize battery life, but a longer display time of 4 seconds is more useful. You can also choose to set the Hold option to display the image until you dismiss it by lightly pressing the Shutter button.

To turn on image review, press the Playback button on the back of the camera. If you have multiple pictures on the SD/SDHC card, you can use the left and right cross keys to move forward and back through the images.

If you want to change the length of time that images display on the LCD, follow these steps:

3. Press the cross keys to move among the images. The selected image has a blue border.

4. Press the Magnify button up to 15 times to magnify the image.

You can move around the image using the cross keys to view different areas of the magnified image.

5. Lightly press the Shutter button to cancel the display.

1. Press the Menu button.

2. Turn the Main dial to select the Shooting 1 (red) menu, then press the down cross key to select Review time.

3. Press the Set button. The Review time options appear.

4. Press the down cross key to select Off, 2, 4, 8, or Hold. The numbers indicate the number of seconds that the image displays. Off disables image display, while Hold displays the image until you dismiss it by pressing the Shutter button.

5. Press the Set button. Lightly press the Shutter button to return to shooting.

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    How to set a magnified image on the Canon EOS Rebel xsi?
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