Updating the XSiD Firmware

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One of the greatest advantages of owning a digital camera such as the XSi/450D is that Canon often posts updates to the firmware (the internal instructions) for the camera to its Web site. New firmware releases can add improved functionality to existing features and, in some cases, fix reported problems with the camera.

New firmware along with ever-improving software keeps your camera and your ability to process images current as technology improves. To determine if you need to update firmware, you can compare the firmware version number installed on your XSi/450D to the latest release from Canon on their Web site.

To check the current firmware version installed on your camera, follow these steps:

1. Press the Menu button.

2. Press the right cross key to access the Set-up 3 menu (yellow). The Firmware Ver. menu item displays the currently installed version of the firmware. Note the firmware version number. If the firmware installed on your camera is older than the firmware offered on the Web site, then your camera needs updating.

To download the latest version of firmware, go to the Canon Web site at www.usa. canon.com/consumer/controller?act=Model InfoAct&fcategoryid=139&modelid=16303# DownloadDetailAct.

Tip You can also use this link to download the latest versions of Canon's Digital Photo Professional, ZoomBrowser EX, PhotoStitch, and other programs that are provided on the EOS Digital Solution Disk. This Web page also has links where you can download online versions of the printed manuals that come with the XSi/450.

Before installing firmware updates, be sure that the camera battery has a full charge, or use the AC Adapter Kit ACK-E5 to power the camera. You don't want the camera to lose power during the firmware update because the camera can become inoperable.

Also have a freshly formatted media card available on which to copy the firmware update. Or you can connect the camera to your computer with a USB cable, and then copy the firmware file onto the media card in the camera.

To download firmware updates and install them on the EOS XSi/450D, follow these steps:

1. Insert the media card into a card reader attached to your computer, and then go to the Canon Web site.

2. On the Canon Web site (the address noted on the previous page), click Drivers & Downloads, and then click the down arrow next to Select OS and select your computer's operating system.

3. Scroll down the page to the Firmware section, and then click the firmware link.

4. Scroll down on the Canon Web page to the License Agreement, and click I Agree - Begin Download. A new window opens with details on the firmware updates and installation instructions. Then follow the installation instructions provided on the Web site.

5. Insert the media card into the camera and follow the instructions that appear.

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