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Whether adding a battery pack, connecting two or more Speedlite flashes, or creating a complex wireless lighting solution, Canon has flash accessories for almost any photographic situation that are perfect complements to your Speedlite.

Compact Battery PackCP-E4

This dedicated external power pack is dust/water-resistant and makes the entire flash system dust/water-resistant. The power pack's performance is the same as the Compact Battery Pack CP-E3.

Transistor Pack E

A high-performance battery pack with interchangeable power supplies. Available as Transistor Pack E (six alkaline batteries in Battery Magazine TP) or transistor Pack E Ni-Cd Set (Ni-Cd Pack TP and charger). Both versions includes Connecting Cord ET.

Ni-Cd Pack TP/ Ni-Cd Charger TP

Additional rechargeable Ni-Cd Pack TP batteries are available separately. They can also be freely interchanged with Battery Magazine TP. The charger TP recharges a Ni-Cd Pack TP in approximately 15 hours.

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DIY Battery Repair

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