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Shooting ModeM

You can manually set the shutter speed and aperture to shoot images.

• When you press the shutter button halfway, the difference between the standard exposure* and the selected exposure appears on the LCD monitor. If the difference is more than ±2 stops, "-2" or "+2" appears in red.

* Standard exposure levels are calculated by measuring light according to the currently selected metering mode.

• If you wish to change the exposure, select shuttc speed or aperture using the ^ button, then adjust the value using the + or + button.

• If the zoom is adjusted after these values are set, the aperture value may change in accordance with the zoom position.

• The LCD monitor's brightness matches the selected shutter speed and aperture value.

When you select a fast shutter speed or shoot a subject in a dark place, the image will always be bright if the flash is set to HE3 (Flash on, with red-eye reduction) or H (Flash on).

• For the correlation between aperture value and shutter speed, see page 42.

Selecting an AF Frame

Shooting Mode

^SàSscN^PTv AvM

The AF frame indicates the area of the composition on which the camera focuses. You can set the AF frame in the following ways.

LCD monitor display

Menu selection


□ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □


The camera automatically selects between 9 AF frames to focus on according to the shooting conditions.

□ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □


The camera focuses using the center AF frame. This is convenient for making sure the focus is exactly where you want it.

(Manual setting)

Mode dial: P/Tv/Av/M You can move the AF frame manually to the desired position. This is convenient for focusing accurately on your chosen subject to obtain the composition you desire.

H (Ree.) Menu^[AF Frame] »[AiAF]/ [Center]/[FlexiZone].

See Menus and Settings (p. 23).

► The focus is locked to the center AF frame when the digital zoom is used.

► [FlexiZone] cannot be selected when the LCD monitor is off.

► The AF frame appears as follows (when the LCD monitor is on) when the shutter button is pressed halfway.

- Green : Shooting preparations complete

- Yellow: Focusing difficulty*

* It will not be displayed when the AF frame is set to [AiAF],

Selecting an AF Frame Manually (when [FlexiZone] is selected)


Turn on the LCD monitor


Press the S button several times until the AF frame turns green.

• Depending on the shooting mode, you can switch between the following setting options by pressing the H button.


Exposure compensation/AF frame


Shutter speed/Exposure compensation/AF frame


Aperture value/Exposure compensation/AF frame


Shutter speed/Aperture value/AF frame


Use the * or * button to move the AF frame to the desired position and press the g button.

• If you hold down the Q button, the AF frame will return to the original position (center) (at the same time, the setting options will switch as shown in the above table).

• When [Spot AE Point] is selected as the light metering mode, you can use the selected AF frame as the Spot AE Point (p. 53).

• It cannot be selected while manual focus is being used (p. 48).

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