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The Date/Time menu will appear the first time the camera power is turned on or whenever the built-in rechargeable lithium date/time battery charge is low. Start from Step 5 to set the date and time.

1 Press the ON/OFF button to turn on the camera (p. 31).

2 Open the LCD monitor (p. 34) and press the MEM button.

3 Select the [ (Set up)] menu using the left or right button.

4 Press the up or down button to select (Date/Time), and then press the SET button.

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5 Set the date and time.

Use the up or down button to change the value of the highlighted field.

Press the left or right button to highlight another field. The date can be set up to the year 2030.

6 Press the SIT button.

After adjusting the settings, press the MENU button to close the menu window.


O • The date, time and other camera settings may reset to the default settings if the batteries have been removed for more than three weeks.

• Setting the date and time settings does not cause the date/time stamp to appear on images. For printing images with the date on them, refer to the Direct Print User Guide and Software Starter Guide.

Charging the date/time battery

• The camera has a built-in rechargeable lithium battery for saving settings such as the date and time. This battery is recharged by the AA-size batteries while it is in the camera. Right after purchasing the camera, leave fully charged batteries in the camera, or plug in the AC Adapter Kit ACK600 (sold separately), for about 4 hours to charge the date/time battery. It will charge even when the camera power is turned off.

• If the Date/Time menu appears when the camera power is turned on, the date/time battery charge is low. Use the above method to recharge it.

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