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EZ Battery Reconditioning Method

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Install four size-AA batteries.


• Slide the battery compartment cover as shown by the arrow and open it.

2 Install the batteries.

• Make sure the + and - battery contacts are correctly oriented as shown in the battery compartment.

3 Close the cover.

• Close the battery compartment cover and slide it as shown by the arrow.

Recycling Time and Flash Count (with size-AA alkaline batteries)

Recycling Time (Approx.)

Flash Count (Approx.)

Normal Flash

0.1 - 3.7 sec.

200 - 1400

• Based on new size-AA alkarine batteries and Canon's testing standards.

• Based on new size-AA alkarine batteries and Canon's testing standards.

Since the shape of their contacts is not standardized, using non-alkaline size-AA batteries may result in faulty battery connection.

• Use four new batteries of the same brand and type. Do not mix battery types. When replacing batteries, replace all four batteries at the same time.

• Size-AA Ni-MH or lithium batteries can also be used.

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