Have a problem? See the table below.

The Speedlite does not detach from the camera.

• The mounting foot's locking pin has not been retracted.

► Loosen the locking ring all the way before detaching the Speedlite.

The Speedlite does not fire.

• The batteries are installed in the wrong orientation.

► Install the batteries in the correct orientation. (p.8)

• The Speedlite's internal batteries are exhausted.

► If the flash recycling time is 30 sec. or longer, replace the batteries. (p.8)

• Attach the Speedlite securely to the camera.

► Attach the Speedlite's mounting foot securely to the camera. (p.9)

• The electrical contacts of the Speedlite and camera are dirty.

The slave unit does not fire.

• The slave's wireless selector is not set to <SLAVE>.

• The slave unit is not positioned properly.

► Place the slave unit within the master unit's transmission range. (p.26)

► Point the slave unit's sensor toward the master unit. (p.26) The power turns off by itself.

• After 90 sec. of idle operation, auto power off took effect.

► Press the shutter button halfway or press the test firing button.

The entire LCD panel blinks.

• The wide panel has been pulled out for bounce flash.

The periphery or bottom of the picture looks dark.

• When you set the flash coverage manually, the setting was a higher number than the lens focal length, resulting in a dark periphery.

► Set the flash coverage that is a lower number than the lens focal length or set it to auto zoom. (p.18)

• If only the bottom of the picture looks dark, you were too close to the subject.

► Keep at least 0.7 m/2.3 ft away from the subject.

The flash exposure is underexposed or overexposed.

• There was a highly reflective object (glass window, etc.) in the picture.

• The subject has a very dark or light color.

► Set flash exposure compensation. For a dark subject, set a decreased flash exposure. And for a bright subject, set an increased flash exposure. (p.14)

► With high-speed sync, the effective flash range will be shorter. Make sure the subject is within the effective flash range displayed. (p.16)

The picture is really blurred.

• The shooting mode was set to < Av>, and the scene was dark.

► Use a tripod or set the shooting mode to <P>. (p.12)

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