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Turn Your Photography Hobby Into Income

Turn Your Photography Hobby Into Income

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How To Start a Photo Business Summary

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Lighting different subjects

Many advertising photographers who photograph people end up with a lighting style that they try to adhere to after all, it's part of their visual brand. Even in this case, I'm sure adjustments are always being made to accommodate the particular individual in front of the lens.

EOS system compatible flash units

I do not discuss studio flash units (large flash units for studio photography, usually powered by AC current and not batteries, and called studio strobes in North America) in any detail here. Here's a good brief introduction to a typical monolight studio flash, if you're interested.

Advantages and Limitations

In the world of advertising photography, it's important to know your options on all levels, and certainly in terms of equipment choices. The EOS-1Ds Mark III continues to hold the title, in my opinion, of best overall camera. However, it's certainly not the best choice all the time. I'm thinking particularly about the relative merits of the 1Ds Mark III versus a digital medium-format system that offers a larger sensor and thus larger files, as well as sharper lenses. Depending on the assignment, that might matter a lot, or not.

Wedding and Event Photography

Wedding photography assignments are usually a combination of reportage unposed images that witness the scene and tell the story and posed portraiture, where photographer and subjects meet and create an image together. Each area emphasizes a different set of skills. In reportage the focus is on how to work quickly, both in terms of decision making as well as operating the equipment how to find the shot quickly, how to operate the camera and change lenses quickly if needed, and how to use the available light most beautifully as well as add any additional light quickly. The posed portraiture component also needs to be quick, however often will entail more intricate lighting setups as well as directing skills to both arrange a group properly and then get the pose and energy you're looking for out of your subjects.

Paul Hartley

In 1978, while awaiting 6000 worth of repairs to his vehicle, Hartley called his bank and said, Send money. I'm going camera shopping. He bought a new Canon A1 and a generic zoom lens. I started my photography career right there, he said. I photographed trucks, trailers, drivers, landscapes anything that caught my eye. I wasn't all that good at it, you understand, but it was a great learning experience.

Rod Evans

Evans' photography career started as a fluke. I had a real job (as a sales trainer for Citibank), and someone asked me to shoot their wedding. I said yes, then realized what a huge mistake I'd made. I bought books, a camera, lights, because I knew a huge responsibility this was. He obviously did a good job. One thing led to the next, and I booked a few more. Pretty soon I had more business than well, I had to make a decision of one job over the other, and I was completely enamored with photography.