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Capture One Pro was one of the first RAW converters providing advanced batch processing, thus improving workflow with RAW files. We prefer to use Capture One in film-strip-mode while batch processing.

Principal settings for batch processing with Capture One are made in File rPreferences rProcess Settings (see figure 8-8 at page 8-14).


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It allows including a copyright note into the output files without calling up of the ITPC metadata dialog.

The main section for actual processing are found under the tab Process within the Capture One main window. Here, it is the section Batch Editor which controls batch processing.

This section (figure 8-9) shows icons to control the batch queue, and shows the current elements and state of the queue:

+ Adds the current image (or all images selected) to the batch queue. This does not start processing them.

o Adds the current image (or all images selected) to the batch queue, initiating the processing of the file.

Removes a selected item from the batch queue.

Figure 8-8: Batch-setup in Capture One Pro
Figure 8-9: Batch Editor in Capture One Pro

Starts processing of the queue. The progression bar at the bottom of the sections will show the progress.

Stops processing of the batch queue. All items not yet processed remain in the queue.

ft - Opens files recently processed via a drop-down list. ^ Allows selecting a different destination folder.

Opens the current processing folder for inspection.

When an item (image) is added to the batch queue, the settings from the process tab (e. g. Resolution, Depth, Size/Scaling, File for-

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mat,) as well as all the conversion settings of the Capture, White Balance, Exposure and Focus tabs) are copied with the image-name o as part of the conversion job ticket. ^

As in Photoshop, Capture One provides a rename function. To o

Ol set it up, click 1. To start renaming, select files in the browser and click W.

Though Capture One DSLR was one of the leading utilities concerning batch processing, it has fallen somewhat behind new releases of other converters. However, it is still fast compared to some converters and delivers very satisfactory image quality. <C

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