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We encounter this problem rarely. But wide-angle lenses at open aperture or some flash photos may suffer from Vignetting like the picture of page 7-23 (this is only a demo, the real image had only minor Vignetting that would not show that well in the book):

1 Fig. 7-24: Severe Vignetting

Vignetting can be fixed in ACR or in the CS2 Lens Correction tool:



1 Fig. 7-24: Severe Vignetting

Figure 7-25: Quick fix in Lens Correction


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Midpoint does not define the midpoint of vignetting, but defines how far from the middle of your image vignetting-correction should start. In some cases this may not be enough, as some lenses show an unsymmetrical vignetting behavior.

As always we advise not to over correct the images. These are still photos and should show that they come from the real world.

Some enforced vignetting however may also be used as a creative touch to your image. Slightly darkening the outer border of your photo may lead your viewer to focus to the middle of the frame where you usually want the focus to be. For this, use a negative value for Amount. However as this effect will create a circular darkening, in most cases we would prefer to use a darker frame produced in Photoshop.

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